05 July 2023

Dentsply Expert Meeting (by invitation only)
Techniques to make direct restorations in complex situations.

Symposium Dental Public Health Interventions
During this symposium we will discuss interventions aimed at diminishing health inequalities in children and interventions aimed at elderly people living in home dwelling.

Speakers on interventions aimed at Children: Annemarie Schuller/Ashley Verlinden (Giga Healthy) in duo with Katarina Jerkovic/Peggy Spreuwel (Healthy Toddler's Mouths); David Conway (Childsmile).

Speakers on interventions aimed at Elderly: Claar Wierink (Don't forget the mouth); Rodrigo Marino (Care for the elderly In Australia)

06 July 2023

Opening Ceremony Keynote Lecture by ORCA Prize recipient

Poster sessions I and II

Teachers workshop: Global dilemma’s in educating cariology and operative dentistry (ORCA meets EFCD)
The workshop will focus on 1) Global views on cariology curriculum and 2) Challenges in aligning of cariology and restorative dentistry education: Care versus cure Organizers: Ruth Santamaria, Margherita Fontana, Niek Opdam and Laura Ceballos

07 July 2023

Poster sessions III - VI

Symposium Decision making in primary and secondary caries (ORCA meets EFCD)
This full day symposium will address: A) When and how to intervene in 2023, from the aims of diagnostics, the problem of over- and under-detection; avoiding overtreatment yet successfully  arrest caries lesions, through the use of bitewings and current state of interpretation accuracy by dentists and AI; B) Beyond the conventional: New diagnostic devices, e.g, NILT and others; C) Avoiding underdetection and overtreatment: The example of secondary caries. What is secondary caries, how can it be detected; When to intervene: FDI vs CARS etc; Managing secondary lesions non-invasively?

08 July 2023

Poster sessions VII and VIII

Symposium Dilemma’s in Daily dentistry (ORCA meets EFCD)
This full day symposium will address:

  • Crown or filling: what is the background for indication (Bas Loomans and Paul de Kok)
  • How to deal with really deep cavities (Anne Kathrin Lührs and Diana Wolff)
  • Outcomes expert meeting on techniques to make direct restorations in complex situations.
  • invade or not to invade in caries management in young children. (Christian Splieth and Clarissa Bonifacio)
  • How to deal with dentitions at the end of the line. Gerodontology, tooth life prolonging restorations (Niek Opdam and Anita Visser):
  • How to create the change from cure to care: how do we change the reimbursement system; include insurance companies. Who works on modification of the system? (Rainer Hickel and Avijit Bannerjee)